Includes: everything you will need to ensure that you start to make some real progress both physically and aesthetically. Upon application you will receive a Google form to be completed and submitted, providing me with an insight into where you are right now, the goals you would like to work towards and all other variables that can influence your programming. Once payment is made, we will then organise a Skype or FaceTime call to discuss your form and anything else required in order to ensure that your programming is bespoke and appropriate for you as an individual, and is one that is capable of delivering the intended result.

After our call, you will receive your bespoke plans within 72 hours. This will include a training program specifically tailored to your goals, training ability, work schedule and the equipment available at your gym (I'll require a walk-around video of your gym in advance); and a personalised nutrition plan for training and non-training days based on your individual requirements and food likes and dislikes.


You will also receive a DG Physique handbook which will run you through and explain all aspects of your programming and also provide you with an abundance of tips and additional protocols to implement in order to maximise the results you're able to achieve.

This is a one-off service and will not include any future amendments to programming.


Includes: all of the above with the exception of any nutritional programming.


Includes: all of the above with the exception of any training programming.

*To proceed with your own bespoke plan, please use the contact box below and I will be in touch within 24 hours with an introductory email, a link to your Google form and payment details.

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