Below you can find examples of some completed and some on-going physique transformations, along with testimonials from those who have experienced the process first hand.

"I was unfit, out of shape and not happy at all with the way my body looked. A number of factors, both mental and physical, lead to me losing my desire to stay fit and healthy. This is when I decided to get in touch with Dan.


After meeting for a consultation, I decided to hire Dan as a coach with the goal of getting back into shape and regaining my body confidence for an upcoming holiday. He provided me with a strict, structured plan which was tailored specifically to suit my needs and work around my work schedule and lifestyle.


It certainly wasn't easy as there was a lot of work to do in a relatively short period of time, and it was tough for me to initially make the mental transition required to be strict again. Dan managed to help me find my focus though, and in just 16 weeks I feel amazing both physically and mentally, just in time for my holiday."


"I came to Dan with the goal of getting stronger, building some muscle and going on holiday feeling better and generally more confident about my physique. I've been able to get myself lean in the past, but never felt completely happy with the overall package at the end of a cutting phase.


I play high level semi-professional football, which provides its own challenges as the physical and nutritional requirements and time commitment are conflicting and can take away from a physique orientated goal.


Dan managed to devise a plan that married the two together and allowed me to maximise my performance both on the pitch and in the gym. While I knew that the progress could be slower, I'm really happy with what we achieved in 20 weeks and I'm now going on holiday feeling more confident than ever about my physique"


"At the beginning of 2018 I suffered a back injury whilst training for a half marathon. After steroid injections and physiotherapy, I felt no vast improvement and so looked for an alternative. Research and discussions with my consultant led me to look for a PT in a bid to strengthen my core, my back and my body as a whole.


I've now worked with Dan for 10 months and not only am I now completely pain free, but I have also gone on to successfully complete a half marathon and several other distance events with the help of my tailor made training program and running schedule.


Once I began to move and feel better, our focus turned towards looking better too. At this point, Dan introduced a nutrition plan for me to follow which has resulted in me dropping 2 stone in weight and 3 dress sizes, leaving me with an increase in confidence and  new drive to stay healthy."


"The diet plan he gave me was brilliant and I didn’t feel like I was dieting at all. In fact I felt I was eating more food and a lot more carbohydrates, even just before bed leaving me always satisfied and never hungry or feel the need to snack. As the weeks went on and my weight started to balance out, he reduced carbs ever so slightly, still keeping me satisfied.


The gym plan was also great, knowing I could only go 4 times a week. The plan hit every muscle and gave me a great pump after every session. He taught me new ways to contract the muscle better and improved my form all over.


The best thing about my experience was the interaction with Dan. Making himself available at all times and adjusting my food when I had work do’s or nights out. His attention to detail with any questions I had were spot on. I couldn’t be happier with my cut."


"In January 2018 I took the decision to change my life for the better. Having gone through a difficult divorce over the previous 4 years and allowing myself to spiral put of control with bad drinking and eating habits it was time to make a change. I chose Dan as my coach and that single decision has totally changed my life.

I've worked with personal trainers in the past and this guy is totally in a different league. He has helped with a nutritional plan that has never made me feel hungry or deprived. Within 15 months I surpassed 30 kilos (4 stone, 10 lbs) of weight loss and I feel like a totally different person.

The impact this has had not only on my professional life but also on my personal life is amazing. His approach to his clients is one of total commitment and he is an absolute professional at what he does."


"At the beginning, I was sceptical about the whole personal trainer thing: surely nothing will change, I’m too fat anyway. What I did not anticipate 10 months ago was that, if willpower and determination are complemented by high professionalism, knowledge and dedication, the results can be utterly impressive. And they were.


Dan proved to be highly engaging, extremely motivating and managed in the end to help me achieve a goal I’ve never thought I could ever achieve – a body I am proud of.


I now believe investing in a personal trainer should be a priority for every person who cares about their health and self-esteem and I have no hesitation in recommending Dan Gibbons as he is THE one to invest in. I can’t thank him enough for all his support and guidance, for stretching my limits and allowing me to believe that miracles can come true."


"I started training with Dan having previously worked with 4 other trainers beforehand. As someone who has always struggled to gain weight, while I enjoyed training I never really achieved the results I wanted.

With Dan there was more structure and everything was tracked and recorded which really helped to keep me focused and motivated. We began making some good, consistent progression and as my strength increased, so too did my weight. I feel stronger and more confident with my body than I ever have before, which has only helped to further increase my motivation for training.

My posture has also dramatically improved which is not something I expected to happen solely through weight training. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dan to anyone in Essex looking to hire a Personal Trainer."


"I have trained with Dan on and off for 4 years now, which in itself speaks for his ability as a coach. His knowledge, work ethic and reliability keeps me motivated from session to session.

After a long break at uni from training with Dan, I returned with a serious joint condition which totally altered our style of training we'd developed over the years. However, from day one I was reassured with his encouraging personality, patience and his ability to be flexible and creative with my training.

My strength and condition consistently improves week by week and he is always introducing me to new methods and ideas to keep things interesting. I cannot thank Dan enough for all his help over the years and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness."


"I reached out to Dan after deciding that I needed some extra guidance with my nutrition and training. After sitting down and discussing my goals and explaining my lifestyle, Dan came up with a tailored plan built specifically to work around my every day life.

The end result was excellent. It surpassed my initial expectations and the knowledge I've gained and lessons I've learned will make a massive difference to the way I train in the future. Not only did he improve my physical appearance, but I now feel mentally stronger too. I realised that I'm capable of achieving more than I originally thought.

I will definitely be using Dan's services again in the near future and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about making huge changes to their body.


"When I started training with Dan, I was a complete beginner and too embarrassed to step foot in the gym. He instantly made me feel at ease and taught how to exercise correctly and effectively based on my goals. He always kept my programs interesting and challenging, and I actually enjoyed my training sessions and enjoyed the gym.


My fitness and strength have both noticeably improved and I was able to learn a lot about nutrition and how to eat appropriately based on the look I wanted to achieve. Dan created and adapted my nutrition plan based on foods I actually enjoyed eating, preventing me from getting bored or feeling like I was 'on a diet'.

Dan has helped to motivate and push me to a place where I am no longer uncomfortable stepping into the weights section of the gym."


"As a keen runner, I started to train with Dan off the back of completing my first London Marathon in 3 hours 37 minutes. As a complete beginner in the weights room, I was looking to leverage Dan's expertise in strength training in an attempt to improve upon this time.


I trained with Dan twice per week, structured in a manner that allowed me to increase my strength without hindering my ability to complete my runs. The result was a time of 3 hours 7 minutes, meaning we'd shaved a full 30 minutes off of last years effort! The added bonus was that I also managed to drastically improve my physique in the process.

Dan is always willing to help which is a breath of fresh air in a very competitive environment, and his knowledge and versatility have been influential in me exceeding many of my goals."


"My goal this year was to get into the best shape of my life in time for my 30th birthday, which I was celebrating in Ibiza - and it's safe to say we achieved it.

I have always enjoyed to train hard, however I had never really followed a program in the past and would train based on what I felt like doing. I knew that to really change my body that I'd need a plan with more structure, and that's just what Dan provided me with. The sessions were really tough but always extremely rewarding.

He taught me how to track my calories and gave me advice on what foods to eat and at what times in order to get me into the shape I wanted. Learning this method allowed me to eat more of the foods I enjoyed whilst still losing body fat, which made the dieting side a lot easier."


"I came to Dan in the New Year with the goal of losing some weight and feeling a little healthier. My busy work schedule had led me to lose sight of my health and I was unhappy with my body shape.

I trained with Dan twice per week and very quickly began to feel the fittest, strongest and healthiest I had in years. He always made sure that the sessions were structured and planned in advance, and while they were always hard work they were always enjoyable.

We made some very small and manageable changes to my diet, which had always been a problem for me when working on site and being on the move a lot. It was once we teamed these changes with the training that my body really began to change for the better."


"If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would be having regular personal training sessions, going to the gym and enjoying exercise I would have laughed. Dan's firm and encouraging approach to fitness always leaves me feeling sore, yet energised and looking forward to the next session.

My workouts are always adapted based on my personal needs and preferences, utilising a wide variety of exercises keeping things interesting and enjoyable. As a result I have seen a definite change in my body, my strength and my confidence.

Aside from the exercise, Dan gives me excellent nutritional guidance keeping me looking and feeling healthier than ever - I even notice the difference in my skin. I can't recommend Dan highly enough, and what started off as an 8 week challenge to tone up has now become a lifestyle."


"I initially came to Dan with the goal of losing some body fat and building my general fitness levels. I played football and had boxed competitively however my gym experience was minimal. I also had a very active social life which involved lots of eating out and drinking, so these habits were something that we initially looked to improve.

During the time I've been with Dan, we have worked towards numerous different goals. We have trained for fat loss, muscle gain and also incorporated more sports specific methods of training when I began boxing again, and he has shown his knowledge across all three areas.


As you can see from my photos, we achieved some great results and I was looking and feeling in the best shape of my life. We're still working together now with the goal of further improving upon these results."


"As a Personal Trainer, I think it's extremely important to show your clients that you're willing to walk the walk and do everything that you'd expect from them. It shows that you understand how to manipulate training and nutrition variables in order to achieve a desired result and allows you to fully empathise with clients, particularly when things get tough during dieting phases.

I would never ask a client to do anything that I haven't already tried and tested, or that I wouldn't be willing to do myself. This is something that I feel instills an added confidence into my clients, making it easier for them to trust the process and trust in the advice I give them along the way.

These photos were taken exactly 12 weeks apart, following a dieting phase in the build up to a summer holiday."


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